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  1. GM06/W handheld mobile jammer works with all frequency bands used by the wireless devices around you except low frequencies and 2.4Ghz band. When you have such device in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy or break the secrecy of your location within 15 meters radius around you. Even the most advanced tracking, eavesdropping, wiretapping and other anti privacy technologies are unable to work properly when they are in the working range of this product. JAM06/W is definitely our best portable Cell Phone GSM/3G/GPS/WIFI Jammer. Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $260.00

    Special Price $255.00

    8 Antennas Mobile phone signal + GPS+WIFI + 3G + walkie talkie Jammer Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $380.00

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    Our new designed powerful 8 antenna 4G LTE 3G GSM GPS WIFI LOJACK all in one jammer suit for Europe customer, against 4G LTE networks 3G GSM cellphone signals, and blocking WIFI GPS LOJACK, if great use for office, school,home to blocks internet browse,cellphone conversation,Radios and GPS signal, one device to coverage all 4G 3G GSM WIFI GPS LOJACK frequencies,no need any other device to suppress wireless signal in your office,home,school Learn More
  4. Rd explosion-proof cell phone signal jammers mainly used in gas stations, oil depots, liquefied gas, stations, chemical plants and other inflammable and explosive places. Imported devices, soft-start circuit design to produce the ignition switch to avoid the phenomenon of mechanical work and good stability. Explosion-proof design for 11B (11C) and below grade level T6 group, place groups of explosive gas mixtures Learn More
  5. Wall cell phone signal jammers,portable cell phone jammer,cell phone signal jammer Learn More