Spy WiFi Camera Singal Detector,Wireless GPS Device Anti-Spy Finder High Sensitivity Camera Scanner,Multi Functional GSM RF Finder

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All in One Detector - Features 3 detect function:RF wireless detection,laser lens scanning,magnetic field detection.,the camera detector can accurately detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless or wired cameras,GSM/CDMA/DECT cellular bugging devices,GPS locators,car trackers,WiFi routers,magnetic suction positioner and bug,2G/3G/4G mobile phone SIM card bug,various eavesdroppers and more.Special laser lens and led laser light will help to scan invisible wired or wirelss camera Compact and Portable - Compact and lightweight, easy to carry make it a must have item to guard your personal privacy and business information security. A handy anti spy tool definately worth to take when you need to stay in hotel, AirBnB, vacation rental and more Wide Application - This Anti Spy Detector can be used in homes, offices, hotels, motels, cars, bathrooms, dressing rooms, business negotiations, confidential meetings, military areas, government agencies, entertainment venues or as a daily scanner High Sensitivity - The signal detection device can adjust the sensitivity according to the actual demand. Through adjusting The Potentiometer, it can increase/decrease the sensitivity and expand/reduce the detection range. Camera detector can quickly identify the source signal waves with equipped strong signal indicator light Privacy Protection - Signal Detector is an effective signal detector that helps you detect various signal fluctuations in the surrounding environment and detect and lock various error signal transmission devices such as hidden cameras and GPS trackers through signal fluctuations. . Ultra-high sensitivity and a wide range of detection to protect your privacy