RF Signal Detector,Dual Antenna High Sensitivity Wireless Spy Camera Detector,Lightweight GSM Device Finder Personal Privacy Protection,Adjustable Sensitivity

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RF Signal Detector - The wireless camera detector adopting digital receiving mode which enable it detect whether there is intense radio signals around the living and working environments Privacy Protection - eoqo bug detector with advanced chip features more powerful and comprehensive meanwhile provides ultra far detection,ultra high sensitivity,intelligent analysis,multi-exploration,long working time,and more durable material.It's designed for all kinds of bugs,wireless camera,car trackers Latest Dual Antenna Design - Dual band performance enhancement,high gain antenna,combined with professional radio waves,search signals are faster,anti interference is stronger,and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate Easy to Use - User friendly design make wireless camera detector easy to use.The sensitivity control and switch buttons makes it simple to use.The visualized signal strength indicator helps navigate to signal source and it goes off with sound or vibration when it is very the signal source.Pinpointing the transmitting bug device is piece of cake.Work for personal,professionals or business need,tralver Wide of Usage - The detector can be used in personal place, important business negotiations, homes, hotel rooms, dressing room, bathroom, car tracking, government organs, etc,. Wherever and whenever you don’t trust surroundings, the detector can help you feel secure