Hidden Spy Camera & Wireless RF Signal Detector,Personal Alarm,Portable Door & Luggage Vibration Sensor Alert,Travel WiFi Cam Finder Self Safety Siren,Emergency Self Defense Horns for Women,Kids,Elders

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  • Privacy Safety & Health Care: RF wireless signal detector can receive frequency between 300MHz - 2700MHz, emit sound siren when it is close to wifi camera,cellphone bugs,gps tracker,GSM CDMA GPS tracker,wiretaps,mobile phone tapping,and other bug transmitters, especial for detecting the wireless signal radiation around to your home, such as telecom base station,high power FM transmitter and other transmit signal device which may affect your health.
  • Pinhole Camera Lens Finder: It has infrared watching window and 4 pieces flashes red LED lights. Press "OK" button to adjust the flash speed of red LED light or stay at solid red light,then you can watch the reflected red spot through infrared viewfinder window to find out the wired hidden camera lens which do not transmit signal. Best for you to protect your privacy leak from hidden camera in hotel,home,office,bathroom,locker room,or conference meeting room
  • Personal Alarm & Emergency Security Safety Alert: Features 130dB loud sound alarm and light flashing alert,one-click to start self defence siren alarm, suit for women,seniors,children & traveller to make a sound siren to attract other people's attention so that they can get help in time or scare offenders away.
  • Door Open Alarm&Luggage Movement Alert: This device is embedded with high sensitive vibration sensor,hang this alarm on handle of the door,the sensor will be triggered when the door is opened, and emits siren sound alarm with light flashing, attach this alert device on luggage or put it in backpack,when someone tries to move or steal your luggage or bag,the shake sensor will be triggered and emits 130dB sound siren alarm with red light flashing to remind you,you can get back your luggage in time
  • Lightweight Convenient Carry Pen Style: Slim pen shape design with 5.3 inches of length and 1.8oz of weight, you can put it in your pocket,bag and take it out to use anytime anywhere,great for personal travel alone,business trip,children & eddler emergency help,find out hidden WiFi camera,cellphone bugs,detect radio-radiation